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If you need a reminder of how much I admire and love you – keep reading. As a child, I’ve always thought love would be simple; perfect even. I thought love looked like a Disney Prince with a flashy smile. I thought love would take me to a candlelit dinner and would always give me … More Reminder

I am here, love

I am here, love I will always be here for you, love. No matter how jumbled your mind is or torn your heart is – I am here. Trust that I will never leave your side, through the good, the bad and the ugly. Trust that I will not get tired of praying for you. … More I am here, love

I love you

I love you even when I know you’re probably not coming back. I love you even when I know you’re probably sleeping beside another girl or kissing another lips and touching someone else’s skin. I love you even when sometimes I no longer want to. Sometimes, I try to convince myself to let go and … More I love you

Learning to love

I have always looked at myself as someone who struggles to love herself completely; someone who doubts her worth at times. Lately, I have been questioning myself on how I love other people too. Is it too much or not enough? Is it destructive? Is it toxic? We all learn love differently. You might have … More Learning to love


I wish I was the universe that you deserved to have. I wish I was the luck you needed, the answered prayer or the wish in the well. But I’m not. I’m just your well-wisher, your supporter on the sidelines, the silent lover, the prayer.  But even when we’re opposite sides of each other’s world, … More Wishes


Im not sure if he knows but there’s a girl that loves him so.  I do know for sure that the wind does – it could’ve been the hundredth time that she has whispered your name with the words, “I miss you.” “I love you.” “I hope you’re okay.” “Come back.” “Give me a chance.” … More 8th