This blog is my journey from feeling unloved to hopefully, loved.

All close to my heart. All made by me.

All from the girl who’s both loved and unloved ✨

Thea; an extremely weird, complicated and touchy lady from the philippines. I am short of height but full of imaginations and I am in love with books and also with a specific shade of blue.

I write because I want to reach people. Those who feels or felt like they are alone, abandoned and worthless. Or even those who are happy, secure and settled.

Im here, hoping to show them the value of their lives. Im here, hoping I can change their mind. Im also here, hoping to inspire and be inspired as well. I am here, hoping to be their friend. Because that’s what I needed and I know how hard it is to find someone who genuinely cares. I am so sensitive with feelings. I always feel so deeply. So, if you think I may not understand, please don’t. I am not a stranger in the internet. I am a friend and these are stories for both the loved and unloved.

Feel free to delve in, and interrupt.

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