You are not

Do you ever feel like drowning? But the waves are too strong, you keep coming back Do you ever feel like screaming so loud? But there’s too much noise, you can’t be heard Do you ever feel like catching your breath? Your heart beats so fast, even if something so simple happens Do you ever … More You are not


There is a hero, she loves him so Day by day, she always shows He comes everyday with a gift for her To show her that she really matters There is a hero, she loves him so He stays by day but at night he goes He doesnt give her gifts like before But she … More Hero

If I Ever

Growing up, I had a family who has always taught me to love. Back then, I thought it was the right thing for how can you go wrong with love? I remember fighting with my brother for constantly teasing me but they told me not to and instead, understand him. I remember getting mad at … More If I Ever

*something fancy*

Yes, it’s official. I’m no good with titles. I remember reading books and stories everywhere; both online and on paper. I’ve always had emotional attachments and my own version of the story. Whenever I read stories, at one point or another I will fall in love and at the same time cry because why did … More *something fancy*