A loved soul

This is the story behind my blog name.

A loved soul,
because you are not just an existing being
you are not just the physical form of words
you are your soul and what goes in it

Do you ever wonder how when we meet someone you just sort of click? Like you’ve already known them for years and just waiting to see them? I think those are how our souls meet. That is what I’ve been blessed with. Somewhere, somehow they already have met in the deepest dimensions along with the purest intentions and are just waiting for us to physically meet and go through life hand in hand. Maybe that’s why they are called soul mates. Even when our physical forms perish and grow and into ashes we go, our souls never do.

Like how an old couple can maintain the fire in their relationship after 60 years and still falls in love everytime their eyes meet like a young couple would?

Or maybe how you finally meet the love of your life and all you can say is, I’ve been looking for you. Even if you may hate each others guts and annoy the freaking shit out of you at times, there’s still an undeniable pull between the two of you.

How you are not just loved by the smell of your hair, shine of your eyes and the clothes you wear. But you are loved by how your mind works when its 6 am, your thoughts when you’re mad and your dreams when you were 12.

A loved soul,
because what we see with our eyes, changes
but what we see with our hearts, dont.

And it is the most wonderful love I have learned.

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