Who do you love?

Today, I have a question for you – name all the people you love. Come on, think before reading on. Stop, think and rack that brain of yours! Who do you love? Ah, faces of loved ones came rushing through your head, did they? Some are of friends, mentors, significant other and the like. You … More Who do you love?

Falling in love

I love how you always daydream about the future, seemingly unaffected and unfazed by the harsh reality you get to face every single day. I love how you never let your dreams and silent prayers die along with everyone’s promises – that held no more meaning at all, just another broken vow released into the … More Falling in love

To My Constant

People say sometimes love is blind – blind from their flaws and their true colors. There are also those who say sometimes we love with our eyes closed – closed from their mistakes and shortcomings. Lastly, those that say we fall in love with people we never expected to – friends, enemies and sometimes complete … More To My Constant

Stories from the heart of the loved and unloved This is my journey

To love when unloved

love (n.)  1. An intense feeling of deep affection I decided this would be my tagline because I feel like it describes me entirely. To love even when you’re unloved. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back ally painful. Loving someone who loves you back is painful too. But I am not comparing them because … More To love when unloved

If I Ever

Growing up, I had a family who has always taught me to love. Back then, I thought it was the right thing for how can you go wrong with love? I remember fighting with my brother for constantly teasing me but they told me not to and instead, understand him. I remember getting mad at … More If I Ever