Little Fighter

I am not daddy’s little princess It was now that I realized, I am not my daddy’s little princess. I am his warrior. Many times when I was a kid, I thought, I am his little princess. The little girl he’d spoil with gifts, time and attention. The girl he’d take to parks, see the … More Little Fighter

Stories from the heart of the loved and unloved This is my journey

To love when unloved

love (n.)  1. An intense feeling of deep affection I decided this would be my tagline because I feel like it describes me entirely. To love even when you’re unloved. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back ally painful. Loving someone who loves you back is painful too. But I am not comparing them because … More To love when unloved


I’ve always been a coward. I always let the judgmental words and dangerous thoughts win over me. I remember when I thought I had no one and there’s war in my head, I seeked the internet for peace; solace. I soothed all my worries and fears with stories and comfort myself with strangers. I remember … More Metamorphosis