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My name has many variations. In Native American, I am strong. In Old Slavic, I am a dreamer. In Swahili, I am a mother. In Old Greek, I am a flower. In Quechua, I am fire. I am strong not for the muscles that barely exists in my body but for the lunges and pushups … More Nina

I love you more

I love you more. Whenever I tell you that I love you more, I don’t mean to compete. I don’t say it to start a competition on who loves the most and whose heart has screamed each other’s name for the past 8 hours. Whenever I tell you I love you more – what I … More I love you more

Why I love You

A collection of moments and memories which makes me say “This is why I love you.” We were on our way home from our date and we’re riding an uber. I was leaning towards the front while my elbows are on your lap and you leaned in as well only to kiss me at the … More Why I love You

I wish

I wish I’ll have more time with you. When the night approaches, I just wish you won’t notice that it’s time to go home. I just want more time with you but you want to keep me safe and my mother relaxed that her cinderella is home before midnight. When the shift ends and we’re … More I wish

Polar opposites

My mom and I are polar opposites – no matter how similar you think we may be. My mom always told me during bed time to never show a man how much you are in love with them; How much of your world revolves around them and how much of your entire being screams for … More Polar opposites

To my home,

All along, I thought home was a person but I was wrong. Home is not a person nor a place after all. Home is a feeling and sometimes, a vision. It can also be a blanket, securing you tight – keeping you warm. Home is whenever I look at you, I see my future. I … More To my home,