I am here, love

I am here, love I will always be here for you, love. No matter how jumbled your mind is or torn your heart is – I am here. Trust that I will never leave your side, through the good, the bad and the ugly. Trust that I will not get tired of praying for you. … More I am here, love

I love you

I love you even when I know you’re probably not coming back. I love you even when I know you’re probably sleeping beside another girl or kissing another lips and touching someone else’s skin. I love you even when sometimes I no longer want to. Sometimes, I try to convince myself to let go and … More I love you

Learning to love

I have always looked at myself as someone who struggles to love herself completely; someone who doubts her worth at times. Lately, I have been questioning myself on how I love other people too. Is it too much or not enough? Is it destructive? Is it toxic? We all learn love differently. You might have … More Learning to love


I wish I was the universe that you deserved to have. I wish I was the luck you needed, the answered prayer or the wish in the well. But I’m not. I’m just your well-wisher, your supporter on the sidelines, the silent lover, the prayer.  But even when we’re opposite sides of each other’s world, … More Wishes


Im not sure if he knows but there’s a girl that loves him so.  I do know for sure that the wind does – it could’ve been the hundredth time that she has whispered your name with the words, “I miss you.” “I love you.” “I hope you’re okay.” “Come back.” “Give me a chance.” … More 8th

Saturn Return

They say it’s an astrological phenomenon that Saturn will finish orbiting in 29.5 years and will return to it’s exact place where it was in when you were born.It’s a belief that this will be a very significant point as you transition to a different stage in your life. It was 5 years ago when … More Saturn Return