Have you?

Have you? Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like how there are people you’ve known for quite some time but aren’t exactly your friends. They aren’t pushing you out, but there is that nagging feeling that you are- no matter how long it’s been, a mere outsider. Have you ever felt like you dont … More Have you?

Give me a break

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog post but I just feel so uninspired these past few weeks. Too uninspired that I can’t even write a post that makes sense. I mean if I could post just about anything then I already did. A post about my new grey manicured nails, about the never … More Give me a break

Little Fighter

I am not daddy’s little princess It was now that I realized, I am not my daddy’s little princess. I am his warrior. Many times when I was a kid, I thought, I am his little princess. The little girl he’d spoil with gifts, time and attention. The girl he’d take to parks, see the … More Little Fighter


I’ve always been a coward. I always let the judgmental words and dangerous thoughts win over me. I remember when I thought I had no one and there’s war in my head, I seeked the internet for peace; solace. I soothed all my worries and fears with stories and comfort myself with strangers. I remember … More Metamorphosis

You are not

Do you ever feel like drowning? But the waves are too strong, you keep coming back Do you ever feel like screaming so loud? But there’s too much noise, you can’t be heard Do you ever feel like catching your breath? Your heart beats so fast, even if something so simple happens Do you ever … More You are not

*something fancy*

Yes, it’s official. I’m no good with titles. I remember reading books and stories everywhere; both online and on paper. I’ve always had emotional attachments and my own version of the story. Whenever I read stories, at one point or another I will fall in love and at the same time cry because why did … More *something fancy*