Home sick

You bid goodbye and I’ve been homesick since. My heart misses the feeling of going home to yours, being welcomed warmly and cared for. It keeps wondering if she can ever return home.. Sometimes I dream that I have your hand to hold, your arms are holding me close and your lips are on my forehead. … More Home sick

Please come home

I know I’m a mess, a walking ball of stress and a talking headache. I know that but even when I’m all those things – I can also be someone who will always be there for you.  When you’re stressed or have a lot of things going on in your mind. Like who created God? … More Please come home


My name has many variations. In Native American, I am strong. In Old Slavic, I am a dreamer. In Swahili, I am a mother. In Old Greek, I am a flower. In Quechua, I am fire. I am strong not for the muscles that barely exists in my body but for the lunges and pushups … More Nina

I love you more

I love you more. Whenever I tell you that I love you more, I don’t mean to compete. I don’t say it to start a competition on who loves the most and whose heart has screamed each other’s name for the past 8 hours. Whenever I tell you I love you more – what I … More I love you more

Why I love You

A collection of moments and memories which makes me say “This is why I love you.” We were on our way home from our date and we’re riding an uber. I was leaning towards the front while my elbows are on your lap and you leaned in as well only to kiss me at the … More Why I love You

I wish

I wish I’ll have more time with you. When the night approaches, I just wish you won’t notice that it’s time to go home. I just want more time with you but you want to keep me safe and my mother relaxed that her cinderella is home before midnight. When the shift ends and we’re … More I wish

Polar opposites

My mom and I are polar opposites – no matter how similar you think we may be. My mom always told me during bed time to never show a man how much you are in love with them; How much of your world revolves around them and how much of your entire being screams for … More Polar opposites

To my home,

All along, I thought home was a person but I was wrong. Home is not a person nor a place after all. Home is a feeling and sometimes, a vision. It can also be a blanket, securing you tight – keeping you warm. Home is whenever I look at you, I see my future. I … More To my home,