Iron fist

I guess it’s true how they say that compliments go to your head while insults go to your heart. When a man told me that I was beautiful – I smiled and didn’t believe a word from it. I thought of how easy it was to pick up compliments from their pockets and hand you … More Iron fist


I pray that someone loves you like you’re the most beautiful woman for him in his eyes and in his heart – not the most beautiful in the world because let’s face it, there are much beautiful women out there.I pray that someone will look at you with the ocean in their heart, not with … More Sunflower

To my self

You are stubborn and hard headed. You almost never listen until it’s too late or you have no choice but to do so. You almost never listen unless it’s the people you love the most who’s giving you words. You are incredibly shy but loud at the same time. It’s going to take some time … More To my self

Sad girls

She’s a sad girl.Believe me that the world already told her one too many times that happiness is a choice and that happiness is a state of mind. But the world wouldn’t believe that she’s tried so hard to be happy and little does the world know, happiness is not just an option for some … More Sad girls

I’m sorry, mom

I’m sorry, mom Im sorry we’re a mess – this family, I mean. I’m sorry our days aren’t as bright and sunny like we used to. I’m sorry our nights aren’t filled with stars and constellations it used to be populated with. I’m sorry that our days are now full of frizz, stress and tangles … More I’m sorry, mom

Maybe I’m not

When a woman says no, it means no.Or stop, in other words. It’s not maybe, not later, not a few more drinks and maybe she’ll loosen up, not a little more persuasion and she’ll be convinced and most especially it’s not just being shy. No means I don’t want to. No means Get your hands … More Maybe I’m not

Who do you love?

Today, I have a question for you – name all the people you love. Come on, think before reading on. Stop, think and rack that brain of yours! Who do you love? Ah, faces of loved ones came rushing through your head, did they? Some are of friends, mentors, significant other and the like. You … More Who do you love?