When people see me with blades in my hand, stuck in a corner and sliding it onto my flesh; First thing they do – scream at me and ask me what the hell am I doing. Second – they conclude I’m crazy, no matter the reasons. Third – they try and cure me. That is … More Sick


I hate to admit this but, what do you do¬†when you lose it? – The sparkle in your eye as you look at the people you love – your eyes have gone empty and it no longer longs to see the bright lights in the sky at night, the sun as it rises and the … More Lost

To My Constant

People say sometimes love is blind – blind from their flaws and their true colors. There are also those who say sometimes we love with our eyes closed – closed from their mistakes and shortcomings. Lastly, those that say we fall in love with people we never expected to – friends, enemies and sometimes complete … More To My Constant


Under the broad daylight, I stared with longing eyes Waiting for my turn to be loved, waiting for them to hear my cries Two times the clock ticks twelve, two times hope kills itself Only to be awaken with a constant lie, that in the end the reward is worth the cry How many times … More Twelve


Home On a rather sad day I ask, is it monday or friday? I lost track of time Ever since you were no longer waiting in line I ask is this a house or home? For I have never felt so alone But you know how they say, Home is where your heart stays But … More Home

Pen and paper

If you will be given a pen, a paper and a chance to write about anything, what would you write about? As a (self-proclaimed) writer, the question “Why do you write?” is bound to reach the clutter in your email for limitless times in the span of your writing and blogging existence. If I would … More Pen and paper


Sometimes, we forget; There is a thin line that separates listening and hearing. I told you about my scars. You heard me and shouted “why?” Not knowing better, I told you. I told you all the blades that each and everyone holds and how some has grazed my skin. How some chose to draw circles … More Listen