If you need a reminder of how much I admire and love you – keep reading.

As a child, I’ve always thought love would be simple; perfect even.

I thought love looked like a Disney Prince with a flashy smile. I thought love would take me to a candlelit dinner and would always give me flowers. I thought love knew the exact words I wanted to hear and I thought love was perfect – the way it was in the movies.

I was wrong.

I happened upon people introducing themselves as love. Each time, love leaves. One love after another – no matter how hard I tried or beautiful the start was. I started asking myself – what does love look like and why do I keep mistaking them for one?

Then I met you.

It was then that I realized that love doesn’t need to introduce itself to you – you will feel it.

I realized love doesn’t look like a prince but he’s handsome nonetheless. Love has a genuine smile and a kind face. Love didn’t take me to a candlelit dinner but took me to the park and opened up his heart. Love didn’t know the perfect words to say – he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but love told the truth and told me what I needed to hear.

I realized that love was imperfect but he has a very big heart. Love is protective of the people he loves the most and love will take care of you in his own little ways. Love doesn’t give me flowers every single day but he gives me genuine compliments and reassurances. Love makes me laugh without even telling a joke and love hugs me tight when we sleep even if his arms go numb.

Love may be strict sometimes but he is always patient with me. Love sees his future with me and includes me in his plans. Love listens to my rants and my non-stop non-sense stories with no hesitation. Love always does his best for me and love will always – every single time, remind me how much he loves me.

Love always remembers to kiss my forehead even when we’re fighting. Love never forced me into something I don’t like and love always respects my decision. Love usually does it my way because he wants me to be happy and love is my biggest writing fan.

Love ties my shoelaces without me asking for it and love asks how I am doing even when he is mad at me. Love shields me from people I am about to bump into because he knows I have slow reflexes and love never raises his voice at me. Love knows I am a pain in the ass but he doesn’t mind and most of all, love looks at me like there is no one else in the world like me.

My love, you may be very different from the love I have known since I was a child but you will always be the love that I will choose to be with – every day in every way.

My love, you are the love that is worth the wait – always.

My love, wherever you may be – I love you.

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