I am here, love

I am here, love

I will always be here for you, love.

No matter how jumbled your mind is or torn your heart is – I am here.

Trust that I will never leave your side, through the good, the bad and the ugly. Trust that I will not get tired of praying for you. Trust that I will not get tired of you.

Please don’t think that I will replace you. I won’t – for you are not an object to begin with. You are not a furniture or a device, that needs replacing or repairing when broken.

You are much more than an object, a thought, a creation, love. You are a masterpiece. Carefully crafted and wonderfully made.

Your cracks and sharp edges are what makes you, you and I love you for you. I love you so much for being you.

I’m not going anywhere.

I am still here – at the same park we had our first date and at the same park I last hugged you.

I am still here – hoping, one day, I won’t be alone here anymore.

I am not going anywhere – because even if you want to, you can’t make me. My heart found a home in you.

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