Saturn Return

They say it’s an astrological phenomenon that Saturn will finish orbiting in 29.5 years and will return to it’s exact place where it was in when you were born.It’s a belief that this will be a very significant point as you transition to a different stage in your life.

It was 5 years ago when I lost myself in a dozen of bullets. 4 years ago when I’ve been drenched in sanitary alcohol. 3 years ago when I drowned in my own tears. 2 years ago when the scars and bruises healed. 1 year ago when I started picking up the pieces of me.

I am slowly orbiting my own demons and looking them in the eye. I am challenging my own destructive thoughts to kill themselves. I am rotating the darkness inside me trying to find the switch. I am slowly finding myself in the endless abyss.

It definitely hasn’t been 29.5 years since I was born but this is my Saturn Return.

You can say I’m too early and it’s not yet the right time.

But the right time never comes if you just keep waiting for it. 

You have to create it.

Got anything to say?

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