Home sick

You bid goodbye and I’ve been homesick since. My heart misses the feeling of going home to yours, being welcomed warmly and cared for. It keeps wondering if she can ever return home..

Sometimes I dream that I have your hand to hold, your arms are holding me close and your lips are on my forehead. I dream that I’m telling you how my day went and you listen attentively, kissing all the stress and tiredness away. I remember thinking that I have half of my heart inside of my palms.

Sometimes I dream that you’re beside me with eyes closed while I’m massaging your hands. We’re having quality rest and even when no one is talking, it still feels perfect. Everything feels right when I’m with you.

Sometimes I dream that we’re walking hand in hand, looking for a place to dine in and we laugh because this city is just a big box and I still can’t memorize the way. You tease me that I should show you the way and make me question my every right and left turns if it was correct – just as you made me question, what will I ever do without you?

But then I wake up. Realizing that my dreams were once a reality and that my reality now is you, probably awake – and I haven’t even crossed your mind yet. My reality is you, away from me – with the uncertainty of coming back. My reality is you, my love – no longer mine.

But if I do, please if I do cross your mind – will you let me know? Being homesick feels like every part of me is screaming and aching for the feel of your skin, sound of your words or beat of your heart.

Love, I just want to go home to you.

Please take me home.

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