Why I love You

A collection of moments and memories which makes me say “This is why I love you.”

We were on our way home from our date and we’re riding an uber. I was leaning towards the front while my elbows are on your lap and you leaned in as well only to kiss me at the side of my head. It lingered for a few seconds and was full of sincerity.

It’s when you told me to come meet you because you’ll give me something and I received the warmest, most genuine and loving hug I’ve ever had in a long time.

I told you I felt cute today and you said I don’t. I wasn’t cute, I was beautiful. You can make me feel loved in three words, sometimes even less.

I remember joking about bringing powder, cologne and oil control sheet every time I’m with you – our feel fresh essentials – and maybe you’ll marry me one day. You said you’d marry me with or without that and I was speechless.

We were at the mall, I let you read my poems and stories I have written over the past few years and you told me that you think I have a beautiful talent. You’ve stumbled upon singers and musicians and even athletes but have never came upon a writer. I liked that you think it was one of a kind but I loved your serious tone even more when you told me that.

There are many more moments that made me realize how in love I am with you but sometimes words cannot give them justice. But of all the compliments I’ve ever heard from you – it wasn’t “beautiful” that I liked the most.

We were talking on the phone and you said I sounded like a strong woman at the moment and it makes you fall in love all over again and man, this is exactly why I love you.

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