I wish

I wish I’ll have more time with you.

When the night approaches, I just wish you won’t notice that it’s time to go home. I just want more time with you but you want to keep me safe and my mother relaxed that her cinderella is home before midnight.

When the shift ends and we’re rushing to the glass doors of the lobby, I just wish you’ll hold my hand a little longer and walk a little farther. I just want more time with you but we have errands to run, a time to beat and you want me well rested before another tough day at work.

When the weekend comes and I don’t get to spend it with you, I just wish I can be with you when you wake and fall into slumber but we have a future to build and a life to unfold before our eyes.

Whenever we’re parting ways or not together, I just wish I’ll have more time with you because you make me feel at home and whenever I look at you, I see my stars aligning infront of me – making me realize this is the universe working to make me happy, finally.

But I understand.

I understand you, love. I understand that I don’t have to wish and be lonely that we didn’t have more time together after shift, more time together during the night and more time together on weekends.

Because we’ll have more time in the future. We have years to unravel ahead of us, arguments to face and make up to, memories to capture and stories to write.

We’ll have more time on the bed cuddling each other to sleep and waking up to each other’s arms wrapped one another.

We’ll have more time to watch movies together and tell stories. You’ll know every bit of tale I told in my life and I’ll know yours too.

I understand, love.

So take me home after our date but don’t forget to kiss me goodnight so I’ll have a sweet dream.

So go ahead and let go of my hand after shift but don’t forget to kiss me on my forehead so I’ll be smiling on my way home.
So go ahead and conquer your dreams during weekends but don’t forget to assure me you’ll stay safe so I can be at peace with my mind.

Go ahead love and do you, just don’t forget to come back.

I will be waiting.

You are my home after all.

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