The kind of love

Who would have thought that I would find you when I wasn’t even looking your way?

You’re the love that made me believe again when everything around me seems to be falling apart. You’re the love that made me fall again when I wasn’t even aware that I was ready to jump off the edge. You’re the love that I didn’t know I needed nor wanted.

You’re my 3 am adventure – unpredictable, euphoric and exciting. I take one look at you and I know I’m on one of the best adventures of my life so long as I’m with you.

You’re my rainbow after the storm – safe and beautiful. Your eyes are like hot chocolate when it’s pouring out, calming me down. Your lips are blankets I will never get tired of wrapping myself in and I know, I will always be safe around you. 

You’re my favorite book – your hands are hardbound covers that I would love to fall asleep holding onto. Your stories are like the climax I would read over and over again because it excites me to no end and your thoughts are poems that I won’t mind starting and ending my day with.

You are my safe word in this unsafe world. You are my favorite spoken poet in this stage we call life. You are my anchor when the waves are rough and unforgiving.

You are the love that found me when I was lost in my own mess of thoughts. You listened to my silence and sang to my fears. You are the love I wish I would never lose.

You are the love that is worth the risk – always.

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