I pray that someone loves you like you’re the most beautiful woman for him in his eyes and in his heart – not the most beautiful in the world because let’s face it, there are much beautiful women out there.I pray that someone will look at you with the ocean in their heart, not with fire – burning and engulfing their entire being but with the ocean, calm but deep.

I pray that someone will do everything in their power just so you wouldn’t sleep wondering if you are worth it and if you are enough because darling, you are made with diamonds and gold that no miner can ever find in this world. 

I pray that someone will make you feel peace when there’s war in your head and pools in your eyes. He will hug all of your broken pieces when your world is falling apart. 

I pray that you never have to worry the next day on what’s going to happen to you because he will provide you everything you’ll ever need to be comfortable. He may not be able to give all the luxuries in the world but he knows, love isn’t going to make your stomach full. He will work hard because he knows you deserve so much and is striving to give you that without making you feel guilty.

I pray that someone will accept all of you without making you feel bad and insulting you first. He will accept all the things that you can’t change in your life and those that you both can, you will work towards it slowly and gently.

I pray that someone loves you unconditionally and not because their benefiting from it. He will do things for you because he loves you and not just because he wants something from you.

I know this may sound biased and somehow, what I wanted to write myself but as I went on, I realized that I’m no longer writing this for myself.

Mom, I pray that someone loves you like you’re the last sunflower in a field of roses. They will take care of you and water you with love. I pray that someone will love you – and love us too like we are their own.

You were crafted with so much compassion and grace and if they can only see how beautiful you are inside and out – they will kneel down begging to be loved by you.

Got anything to say?

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