To my self

You are stubborn and hard headed.

You almost never listen until it’s too late or you have no choice but to do so. You almost never listen unless it’s the people you love the most who’s giving you words.

You are incredibly shy but loud at the same time.

It’s going to take some time or a lot of time, rather, before you get comfortable with someone and sometimes it irks them but that’s just who you are. You’re also unbelievably loud at the most inappropriate times and you just can’t help it.

You are stupid and childish.

You have this tendency to run after people who leave and speak ill about you when you’ve done nothing to them. You give your all to convince them to come back and treat you as a friend again. You’re so childish to think that people are really kind at heart and will find it in themselves to love you again.

You are capable.

You are where you are because of your hard work and dedication. Not because of sheer luck and fucked up system. Have you forgotten that you used to cry almost everyday because of stress and how the management has been unfair?

You are strong.

You are made of steel and crystals and it’s going to take more than rumors and gossips and people spitting on your face to bring you down. Remember all the words they told you and blame they threw at you when they haven’t even heard your story, just his.

You are calm and collect.

Sometimes, it baffles other people how you can remain silent and at ease when they expect rage from your eyes and fire from your mouth.

You are peace and serenity.

I know it surprises you too on how your heart can be so forgiving and your mind so understanding. I know sometimes you wish you weren’t like that but honey, in a world of hate, you are a gem.

You are everything and more but hard to love.

I know you feel like the world is falling down and somehow, it picked your shoulders as it’s landing ground but believe me, it’s because they think you can handle so much.

You are everything and more but you’re never hard to love and there’s nothing wrong with you.

So, stay strong.

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