On a rather sad day

I ask, is it monday or friday?

I lost track of time

Ever since you were no longer waiting in line

I ask is this a house or home?

For I have never felt so alone

But you know how they say,

Home is where your heart stays

But my heart lacks a piece

As the floor boards creek

Could I have left it?

Where you used to walk by feet?

It’s not the same during dinner

During breakfast and lunch or even after

Could I have left it there?

On the now empty chair?

So came midnight and so came dawn

The pillows cried now that you’re gone

Could I have left it on the bed?

It has been unmade ever since you left

As the gunshots roared

I stared at the merciless door

You think I left it there?

Where I hid when people judged and stare?

I remember the tracks I slowly paced

Where the pools of your blood have become a trace

Perhaps I have left it there?

Where I broke down when pain I could no longer bear

It breaks my heart to watch you sleep

As everyone around you started to weep

Maybe I left it here?

Enclosed in a casket with windows so clear

I cried as we walked you to your bed

Six feet underground where you can finally lay your head

I think this is where I left it

As I watch you for the last time as they buried you deep

Is this a house or a home?

When gone is the father I’ve always known

It hurts to say and it hurts to know

You never made it home

Got anything to say?

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