Love Me Challenge – Day Sixteen

Day 16: Something you like about yourself

I don’t get mad easily.

I let things go one too many times especially when the person is dear to me. I just get irritated and pissed off but to get me mad? You have got to do something extremely offensive and mean for me to get mad at you. And when I get mad? You bet that it will take months or even years for me to forgive you because I don’t forgive easily. I may forgive but I will never forget.

Only a number of people have managed to make me mad and those are the people who killed my dad, made my family miserable and those people who we thought are family but instead judged us and let us down.

I hate getting mad because it never really goes away. I don’t really care if it bothers you or what because I am extremely patient when it comes to forgiveness and understanding people so once I get tired, it only means you’ve abused it and deliberately crossed the line.

Most of the time, I let things slip away but when I reach my limit? Remember you brought that upon yourself.

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