Love Me Challenge – Day Thirteen

Day 13: Share a quote
I live by this quote and it’s by far, one of my favorites.

“Everything happens for a reason, either it’s a blessing or a lesson.”

Whenever something happens to me and I can’t get over it, I just think of this quote. Is it a blessing in disguise? If it is, then thank you. I may not realize it now or ever but if this will bear something good in the future, then thank you so much.

Perhaps it’s a lesson? To teach me something? Whether it’s time to love myself, care for the people around me or maybe stop taking things for granted? Everything happens for a reason. It’s hard, really.

You’d think that it’s easy that when something bad happens to me, I just think “Shit. Is this a blessing or a lesson?” No. It’s much harder but given the fact that I am stubborn, it’s much much harder to change my mind in what I believe in. Although the quote is sometimes hard to live by, I still believe in it firmly. Why? Because I think it’s true.

There are things that we may not understand in life and that is a given, but, has it ever occured to you that all these events in our life happens for a reason? Because if not, then what is the purpose of living if each and every moment in our lives mean and leads to nothing? Whenever something unexpected or unlikely happens to us and we start blaming ourselves or other people, let us stop and think “What is the purpose of this?”

Trust me, it has done me wonders. I hope it does wonders for you, too.

Got anything to say?

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