Love Me Challenge – Day Eleven

Day 11: Share a smile

So here’s a childhood story that never fails to make me smile. I hope it will do the same for you.

When I was still a child, probably 4 or 5. Our family was in the mall, particularly the department store. As expected, it’s full of clothes. For that particular time, I was with my mom. I have a back pack with me most of the time for reasons I don’t remember but being the great kid that I am, as my mom was looking at the clothes, I started putting the clothes that I like inside my bag. Take note that these are random clothes I took interest in and packed it in my oh-so-cute bag and walked with my mom. My mom, oblivious to what her amazing little daughter did, continued for the exit but little does she know, she’s in for the surprise of her life!

A security guard approached her and accused her of shop lifting and of course, she denied it but when they opened my bag it was full of clothes! The only reason my mom wasn’t arrested or was in for a serious case was because a saleslady was looking at me while doing the crime and the clothes still have hangers with them. I don’t know how they fit in the bag, don’t ask me.

So they just took a picture of my mom. Kind of like a mugshot and let her go after, seeing that it was not intentional. I do not know much of the details but that’s the story! Oh, mother. Thank God, I am your child for I don’t know what you might have done to me if I wasn’t. So there it goes! Thanks to me, my mom already has a record for shop lifting!

Oh, well love u mommy ❤

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