Love Me Challenge – Day Nine

Day 9: Share something beautiful.

My mom.

The first thing that came to my mind is my mom. But then I thought, I already have a story about my mom; why don’t I post something different? So I thought hmm, poetry. I think poems are very lovely, also books! I guess that’s the reason why I write.

But but but, hey you can never have too much posts about your mom, right?

So if ever my mom stumbles across my blog, which I am sure is not going to happen in the near future; I love you, mommy. I think you are the most beautiful thing on earth. You’ve always amazed me with your kindness and understanding for other people. Sometimes, it’s too much! You are incredibly humble and even if most of the time, your jokes are corny, I still find it funny sometimes. You may be annoying at times but hey, you ain’t a mom if you didn’t stop me for my stupid decisions.

Stay strong, mom. We’ll make it. I swear, we will.

Just stay strong and I’ll be here. I’ll always be here.

(This post is so late! I am so sorry. To make it up, i’ll upload two days worth of blog post.)

Got anything to say?

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