Love Me Challenge – Day Six

Day Six: Future You

I hope you’re where you want to be. I hope you listened to your heart, not to other people’s judgments.

How is our family? Have we finally recovered from the fall? I hope our brother has realized all his mistakes and decided to fix his life instead. Life only gets shorter. How is our mama? I hope she’s become stronger and healthier than before. By now, she and mommy deserves all the luxury in the world.

Have you finally made peace with your past? I hope you have so it won’t chase after you. Do you always tell your family how much you love them? You should, alright? There is nothing more important than blood.

So, tell me did you graduate with great grades? If not then, its fine. Grades don’t define you anyway, but I suppose you know that by now. Have you figured out want you to be? I sure hope you did and found yourself an amazing job because right now, I sure am struggling and cant figure out my life. Also, how are your friends? I hope they’re still the ones I know from now and I really wish they’re doing great.

Are you still with the aspiring lawyer? Did he continue with his dreams and went to law school? I hope the two of you are doing great. No man aside from family has loved you like that. He better treat you right and like a queen that you are, okay? I will punch him right now if he doesn’t.

Also, how is the little princess of the family? Is she still the smart and witty baby? I hope the whole family is doing well and has finally made it. We all deserve a break. I am definitely looking forward to meeting you and hopefully, you’re far better than I am.

Oh, you better be fulfilling your dreams, woman.

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