Have you?

Have you?

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like how there are people you’ve known for quite some time but aren’t exactly your friends. They aren’t pushing you out, but there is that nagging feeling that you are- no matter how long it’s been, a mere outsider.

Have you ever felt like you dont belong? Like how the people around you are so great with stories and jokes and all you can come up with is an awkward smile and a laugh, and the worst part is most people will think- what a snob.

Have you ever felt so alone? Like how in a crowded place full of people you do care about, you take a look around and it finally dawns on you, you are on your own.

Have you ever felt so unimportant? Like how you’re never really anyone’s priority, you may mean a lot and I’m sure as hell they won’t want to lose you – but there are more important matters than doing something about it.

Have you ever felt like you always have to prove yourself? Like how in every given situation, you’re always expected to be the best of yourself -and worst, not to be yourself around the people who aren’t even new to you.

Have you ever felt the need to stand and just walk away? Like how you are not even noticed a single bit or maybe you are very much noticed -which is not a good thing, and it’s just too overwhelming to stay.

Have you ever felt the strong urge to just shout at everyone? Like how they think so wrong of you and you know deep inside you, you might have become an inside joke or the subject of everyone’s judgments – you’d want nothing more than to scream and shout at them and show them what you’re really made of.

Have you ever felt the urgency to cover yourself against the prying eyes? Like when you’re so close to breaking down in front of everyone’s eyes and maybe then when you do, they’ll know it’s hurting you – but at the same time cover yourself and not let them see because the least of what you want is pity.

Most of all, have you ever felt so weak? Like how you can’t even defend yourself from the people who know nothing about you but act like they do. How its all so difficult to do what you want to do because its uncalled for or because its not in their standards. How you feel like an object, examining and testing you like the results will prove your worth.

So, have you?

Because you are not alone. I am telling you, be strong.

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