Love Me Challenge – Day Four

Day Four: Someone who loves me

My mom.

My mom loves me and my brother so much, she’d give up everythung just for us. God knows how much I am thankful for a mother like her. If there is one thing I eill never doubt, its God’s love and my mom’s love for me.

She will do anything and everything just to give us our needs and wants. I am very lucky I have her, my strength and my armour. I honestly dont know what I’d do without her.

So to anyone, I dont care who you are but if you talk about bad about my mom, I will slap your brains out of you and put you in your place. Oh, you wish I was kidding.

If there is anyone in this earth I love more than my life, its my mom. Its the only way I can repay all that she’s done for us. Only God knows how much she’s been through and the battles she has won.

And I promise you, mommy. I will study hard and achieve all our dreams. The only thing you’ll ever worry of, is what country you’d want to go next. I love you, mommy. Thanks for making everything better.

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