Love Me Challenge – Day Two

Day Two: A photo of me

Since most of my post-worthy photos are with my boyfriend, I asked him to send me the prettiest one.

First, he sent me photos of food. Great looking food not the tumblr or instagram food pictures but real food cooked by him. Yes, he cooks great. Even better than me but thats not a surprise. All I know are fried food!

Anyway, he then sent me a photo of me but.. meh a wacky one


this is pretty embarrassing but.. okay.

So I asked for a decent one and he sent me a couple of photos but this is what I chose to post. Yup, from the same day as the photo above.


So, yup here’s a photo of me. I was in their house, I actually have a polo on top of my camisole but its really hot that time and we were waiting for the final plan so I decided to remove it for a while. We were about to go to a hotel, but since most of the people who will come join us backed out, we changed plans. In the end, I went with my girl friends and left him at home. My friends and I went to a great food place and well, the rest is history. So, there you have it!


Got anything to say?

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