You are not

Do you ever feel like drowning?
But the waves are too strong, you keep coming back
Do you ever feel like screaming so loud?
But there’s too much noise, you can’t be heard
Do you ever feel like catching your breath?
Your heart beats so fast, even if something so simple happens
Do you ever wake up feeling an overwhelming wave of emotions,
and theres nothing more you’d want than to go back to sleep

Do you? Because I do.
I wake up one day and before I know it, everything is falling apart. I lost my friends, family and I almost lost myself.

But I didn’t. I held on.
I held on because why shouldn’t I? It’s the only thing I will always have. Why let the one thing I will always have, go? Often we overlook the reasons, even if it’s right in front of us. I was made into this world. I have a purpose; a reason. I may not see it now, I may not know it now but I will. We all will. It may be a hard day, month, year or even a decade. But as hard as it may be now; later, tomorrow, days or years after it will all be alright. That’s something I am always looking forward to. That day when I will say, I finally fucking made it.

Trust me, there is always someone who cares for you. You just have to look. And if you still can’t see, look harder. Look to the left? Look to the right? And if you still cant, look up. There is someone up there who does and if you don’t believe me, it’s fine. But look at me. I am writing this because I care. I care because I have been there and I am still there, but I am trying so please do too.

You are not nothing. You are a masterpiece. An idea put into work. Conceived and carried. Carefully crafted and delicately beautiful.

So stay with me. You hear me? With a strong grip, I held on, and If I held on then so should you. Let’s wait for that fucking day.

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