Letters to Romeo

August last year, I decided to give someone a special gift on his birthday. My boyfriend *bats eyelashes*

Its a “Letters to Romeo” jar. I gave it to him September 1st.

Rules are: He is only allowed 1 scroll (thats what I called it since i rolled it) a day and every week I think he gets to have 3 more (if i remember it correctly) for the times he’s feeling really down and sad. So every week, he has 10 scrolls to open.

If he followed it correctly without cheating, he will open the last scroll on his birthday which is on November 20. And that is the surprise! I didnt tell him that its my birthday gift. I just gave it to him and told him to read the rules.

So yes, there are 117 scrolls. (I think. Lol)

Heres how I did it:

I started to look for a jar with just the right size. Not too small, not too big. I found one at a department store with a reasonable price. As you can see in the photo I will put below it is a glass jar with a wooden cap. (I tried to look for one with a better cap, but its all so small and I didnt have the time to search anymore so I settled with this.) The cap is actually tight, not something that would fall off.

Next, I bought colored papers. I think they were the textured and scented ones (im not sure) then I cut them into pieces.

I started writing on it. I decided to cut various sized papers so I can write short and long messages. There were jokes, memes, reasons why I love him and .essages to him. There were also coupons! (e.g: massage for 1 hour, redeem with a sweet treat) Its a win-win.

Next, I used the mini rubbers or the loom band rubbers to keep the roll in place so that it wont open and spoil the message.

Then I asked my relatives if they have unused ribbons and ties and they do!!

Then I started to draw the heart for the title. I looked for a cardboard and used it as a base for the title so that i wont tear or get folded. I also used a small piece of foam and used it so that the title will be sort of embossed. I used a double sided tape!

And then tadaa!!



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