*something fancy*

Yes, it’s official. I’m no good with titles.

I remember reading books and stories everywhere; both online and on paper. I’ve always had emotional attachments and my own version of the story. Whenever I read stories, at one point or another I will fall in love and at the same time cry because why did that happen! Why did he die!! Why why why???! Then a thought struck me. Why don’t I write my own and cry over my own stories? Hey, atleast I have total control of what will happen and I’ve always had a thing with writing, especially poems.

When I started writing that’s when I understood how hard it is to construct everything and every once in a while, you would want to kill someone.. (Although it is still an idea. I’m still trying to write it.) but that made me want it even more. For me, there’s satisying and incredible feeling whenever you write. A power. A power to reach people.

So, I started a blog because I wanted to write and write and have people see it. This idea was inspired by my english professor. She wanted us to make our own blogs and I have always wanted my own so I was really excited to try. It was kind of crappy but hey, got a great grade for that. That is why this blog happened!! It gave me the confidence I was looking for. It was crappy and sort of unorganized cos hey, i was young. But I was really happy that some of my class mates (especially girls) are telling me I made them cry with my posts. (aw, thanks!) well anyway I am willing to give it a shot again. Im still trying and practicing and hopefully someday, I will have my own books and blogs. So, this is for my first post. *cheers!*

5 thoughts on “*something fancy*

  1. Definitely keep writing. The more you write and practice writing the easier it gets. Your quality of writing will evolve as well. Reading helps with writing too! If you’re not writing for money, write from the heart. Sometimes you get to do both, depends on what you’re writing, but the stuff from your heart is what the good stuff is usually made of.
    I just started a blog as well. Not sure if the content will intrigue you, and because I’ve just started the content is very limited, but I’d love some feedback. If you read the “let me help you be the change you want see” post, maybe you’d have a topic suggestion? Anything!
    Either way, keep on writing!!


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